Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DIY Fleece House Boots

I was so inspired by the tutorial that Black and White {Side by Side} posted for fleece boots -- I just had to make them myself! While visiting my parents for Thanksgiving, my Mom and I made a pair of house boots from the cutest black, white and red houndstooth fleece. I should really just say that my Mom made them, as she is much craftier with a sewing machine than I am... but I did cut out the fleece with the pattern pieces and watch carefully as she sewed everything together!

I am in love with the fleece boots -- they are so warm and cozy! If you're feeling crafty, check out the tutorial that Maggie posted on her blog and whip up a few pairs for Christmas gifts!


Anonymous said...

Adorable!!! I'm so jealous of your houndstooth fleece :) Thanks for the shout out too!

Jenni said...

I want these!!! Lol. Sooo cute. :)

Diana Mieczan said...

You and your mom did so well:) Those boots looks so cozy and warm:)
Have a great Thursday

D. Marie said...

What a great idea! Though I don't sew I think my stepdaughters would love these! I love the pattern on them. So cute! You should make a bunch and sell them on ETSY!

joyh said...

Yay!!! I also loved those boots that Maggie made :) And yours turned out so cute too!!