Monday, January 10, 2011

Giveaway Tip: BonBon Rose Girls Celebrate 2nd Blog-iversary!

The amazingly chic and super cute BonBonRose Girls are celebrating their second blog-iversary -- hooray for them! If you haven't stopped by their blog, you should. They've got a fantastic group of followers, and a really special network of "Rosebuds". If you're a blogger who wants to be connected to other fabulous bloggers, check it out {here}. In honor of their blog-iversary, the girls are hosting a week of giveaways. Be sure to swing by and enter to win some great prizes! Today, they exposed a great shop called One Sydney Road -- I can't believe I had never seen it before. I'm head over heels for this letterpress print from their shop:


Miss Southern Prep said...

Thanks for the tip! I love that!

Kristin said...

Thanks so much for the fabulous shout out lady!