Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Most pups aren’t fond of furry little squirrels – they bark at them, chase them, growl at them, etc. Our dog, Bean (a three year old Boston Terrier), absolutely despises squirrels. There are so many of them that run around outside of our townhome and run across the deck that Bean’s sleeping spot looks out on to. She gets frantic when one approaches, and it’s really quite cute to watch. It's almost as if the squirrels are taunting her. When I saw these adorable squirrel-themed dog collars on Etsy by Silly Buddy, I thought it would be pretty funny to put one on Bean. It would be as if the squirrels are saying, “gotcha!”

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Chesapeake Chic said...

Cute! I like the one in the middle! Totally makes me think of the movie "Up!" by Disney-- have you watched it?