Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vacation: Hello, Seattle!

The hubby and I spent our first day in Seattle exploring the Public Market and its surrounding area. Pike Place was bursting with fresh fruit, veggies, gorgeous flowers, stinky cheeses, and some of the biggest fish I have ever laid eyes on. I simply love markets like Pike Place -- they are so full of energy! After roaming through the market and having a great lunch, we approached one of the sites that I'd been really anxious to see -- the original Starbucks! I'm a huge coffee lover, so it was like a brewed bean Heaven. Lots of photos and one tall Pike Place brew later, I was one happy camper! We can see the Space Needle from our hotel room, and we're planning out tomorrow's ventures. I'm exhausted, so I doubt I'll be "sleepless in Seattle" tonight *sigh*

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