Wednesday, April 6, 2011

You Make Me Happy

Friends, are you on Pinterest? I totally adore it, and have been pinning away! Follow my pins {here} if you'd like. Today, I came across this fun image. It's originally from Holly Mathis Interiors, but I was not able to locate the original post. It's just such an uplifting & inspirational home accent, don't you think?

*Update:  A big thank you to Amy at Shutterly Lovely for pointing out the actual original source of this image! Dana at House Tweaking has this great accent in her own home -- I love it! You can check it out {here}.  


Amy @ Shutterly Lovely said...

This is by Dana at House Tweaking! She has a lovely home!

Kristin said...

That is beyond adorable!

joyh said...

So cute!! And now I'm following you on pinterest! :) It's SO addictive!!