Friday, August 19, 2011


My parents arrive in Chicago tomorrow -- hooray! The Mr. and I are looking forward to showing them our new place and the city. Since we have not been here long ourselves, we'll be doing touristy things and then sticking around Lincoln Park, which is our neighborhood. We're looking forward to the Air & Water Show (loud!), seeing the Bean, the lake, Navy Pier, the architecture, the zoo, etc., etc. On top of some sightseeing, we have a nice downtown dinner planned, followed by a drink atop the Hancock building. It will be so nice to have them here in our new city. Once they've explored the Windy City, they're off to see my brother in Portland, OR! Jet-setters, if you ask me!

Have a fantastic weekend!


Gloria said...

Awww hope you guys had a blast this weekend!

Shoe.Gal said...

Hope you had a great weekend! How did the touring go?

audrey marie said...

i love this print!