Monday, December 19, 2011

Ornament Traditions

Our tree is full of special ornaments. My family has a few different ornament traditions -- some that started when I was just a baby.

My dad has given my brother and I the Hallmark daughter or son ornament each year. It's always exciting to see what the ornament looks like each Christmas. I'm hoping to continue this tradition when my husband and I have children.

My aunts and uncles have always given me ornaments. When I was younger, everyone called me Jenni, so there are many fun ornaments with "Jenni" written on them. To this day, they still give me a new ornament every year.

One of the more recent traditions is giving a reindeer ornament to my husband. His family typically had a themed tree, so when we had our first Christmas together, the tree was overflowing with just my ornaments. I felt bad about that, so I gave him a cute reindeer. Every year since then, he has received a new one, and is slowly building his collection!

Do you have any ornament traditions?

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Phil and Darby Hawley said...

We do this too! My dad always gives my sister and I an ornament every year too!