Friday, March 23, 2012

National Puppy Day!

Be sure to give your little pup a kiss or a belly rub today -- it's National Puppy Day! To celebrate, I've rounded up a few great pet products from some of my favorite shops. Now I'm off to give Bean an extra treat!

1 -- Pet Smart, 2 & 5 -- Harry Barker, 3 & 4 -- Barker & Meowsky, 6 & 7 -- Mungo & Maud


Shari said...

How cute! I really miss having a pup around.

sarah | chevrons and stripes said...

I can't take how cute this little roundup is. I'm pretty sure Ziggy would love all of it. Isn't Mungo & Maud a great line?!

Anonymous said...

What a cute dog! I think my lab/collie would destroy those adorable eiffel tower toys.