Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just for Fun

No, I'm not renewing my vows. I just like looking at wedding gowns.

Remember the episode of Friends when Monica tries on Emily's wedding gown... and doesn't take it off? Then Rachel and Phoebe join her in full bridal attire? Classic. If I was going to hang out in a wedding gown with my girlfriends, I would definitely choose this polka dot printed, trumpet shaped number from J.Crew. It is SO me. I'd add these pearls, of course. Perfection. Who's going to join me?


Sara said...

I'm obsessed with this dress!

Annemarie @ Brunch at Saks said...

So pretty, Jen! This necklace and dress would make the perfect pair. xo

sarah | chevrons and stripes said...

Um, me, I will! It's gorgeous!