Friday, May 11, 2012

Say Cheese!

Have you ever been in a Smilebooth? My friend Jackie (on the left) and I tried it out at The Everygirl event at BHLDN this week, and it was a riot. We were a little intimidated at first, but the handheld clicker made it easy, and we saw the images pop up on the screen right away. SUCH a fun thing to have at a wedding or party! Here are a few shots of us...

Don't ask about the bow. We've been doing this since high school, and we cannot remember how it ever started. Most likely one of those "cool" high school moments... right?

To view the rest of the Smilebooth photos from the event, {click here}!


Meera said...

This is so cute! I absolutely love the Everygirl website! The event must have been lovely. Your blog is amazing!


Lauren said...

Aww : ) looks like so much fun! Moments like this with friends are the best - ones you'll never forget.

Have a good weekend.

Il Mare Atelier said...

Smilebooth is awesome! And I love the flowery backdrop in these shots. It is unobtrusive yet conveys immense style.

Il Mare Atelier