Monday, December 20, 2010

Spreading Holiday Cheer

You might remember the fun Cup of Cheer printable that I posted earlier this month. On an unexpected day off from work in the office (thanks to a power outage), I got crafty and printed off the Cup of Cheer cup sleeves. I decided to cut out some festive scrapbooking paper to fit around disposable to-go coffee cups, and then slid the printable on top. I tied the pretty cups up with white satin ribbon, but only after filling them with "cheer" (a.k.a. hot cocoa and peppermint taffy)! I loved handing out the Cups of Cheer to my co-workers last week. It was an inexpensive and fun craft -- try it out if you're looking for last minute gift ideas!


Anonymous said...

These turned out great! And peppermint taffy? YUM!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Maggie! The peppermint taffy is from Trader Joes - I love it!